Choosing your major and minor(s)


Choosing a major and minor(s) can assist you to determine the career that you hope to pursue, and can help you to follow and demonstrate your interest in a particular subject or field. Here you will find information and resources that will help with your decision making.

Issues to consider when choosing a major and minor(s)

To make a good decision, you'll first need to know:

  • About yourself - what you are good at, what you enjoy and how best you learn. Try to base your decision on a major and minors on your awareness of what you love to do and what you’re most passionate about. Of the options available, which are most likely to make you keep coming back if you divert away? Which are most likely to encourage you to achieve success in life? Many students choose majors and minors simply through a love for the subjects and pursue careers that have little to do with the subjects that they studied.
  • About the options in the world - what career options are available to you, what do they involve, who might employ you and what mix of qualifications, skills, attributes and knowledge is typically required? Many people choose a major because they have determined that its useful or required for the career path that they want to take. If you are committed to a particular career, make sure that you know of any particular entry requirements that it has.
  • About the majors available - what are they, what do they involve, how are they taught and assessed and what career options might they open up for you?
  • About the subjects that you are good at. You’re likely to do better in majors that interest you; that you’re confident you’ll do well in and that are taught and assessed in ways that suit you best.

What help is available?

For information, advice and guidance on any of the issues here please contact:Massey Alt Image

What questions might I ask Massey staff on this issue?

You'll want to make your decision on major and minor(s) as informed a one as possible.  For this to happen, we strongly recommend that you meet or contact relevant academic staff.  Questions that you might want to ask them include:

Why do students typically select this major?

How is this major taught and assessed?

What specific requirements are there for this major?

Does this major require a minor?

What minor(s) might best complement this major?

What topics/things would I be studying in this major?

Are there any specific requirements I must meet/complete?

Are there scholarships available in this major?

What is the typical class size in this major?

What skills will this major help me develop?

Is this major designed to prepare students for a particular career?

Is postgraduate study required to work in the fields associated with this major?

What types of work do graduates with this major typically pursue?

What percentage of graduates typically obtain jobs related to this major?

Are there opportunities for internships, undergraduate research, study abroad, etc. associated with this major?

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