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Receiving the Award - Te Whakawhiwhi Tohu

Receiving the Award
Graduates Receiving Two Awards
Conclusion of Ceremony

Receiving the Award

At the appropriate time, the College Pro Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) will announce the various degrees, diplomas and certificates. Recipients, under the guidance of a marshal, will be directed to the stage.

As you leave your seat and approach the stage to receive your award, you should carry your trencher in your left hand, with the tassle placed on the left side of the trencher, until 'capped' by the Chancellor.

Once your degree has been conferred, please place your trencher firmly on your head and wear it for the remainder of the ceremony.

As the College Pro Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) calls each name, that person will advance and stand directly before the Chancellor.

Certificate and Diploma recipients

The Chancellor will shake hands.


The Chancellor will ceremoniously cap the graduand by holding a ceremonial trencher over his or her head, and shake hands. The graduate then puts on his or her own trencher or bonnet held in the left hand.

Should you not wish to shake hands with the Chancellor, please move your right hand across to your left shoulder when he is capping you. The Chancellor will respond by nodding and bowing his head instead.

All recipients and graduates

Will cross the stage to receive their degree parchment from the Director, Student Services, taking it in their right hand. Recipients then move off the stage, and will be guided back to their seats by the ushers.

Trenchers or bonnets should not be removed until the end of the ceremony (after you have left the auditorium). Note: a person is a graduand before being capped, and a graduate after being capped.

Graduates receiving two awards

If you are receiving two awards at the same ceremony, you will be allocated one seat and walk the stage once for your highest qualification. You will graduate in absentia for the other qualification. The awards will be presented together.

Conclusion of ceremony

At the conclusion of the ceremony, everyone will remain standing until those on the stage have withdrawn. Graduates, diplomates and certificate recipients will then follow the staff out of the theatre and form a procession to The Square.

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