2018 meeting dates and deadlines

Allocation of applications

Academic/Professional staff based at the Albany Campus; and students whose Chief Supervisor is located at the Albany Campus will have their applications allocated to MUHEC: Northern, unless review by a committee with medical expertise is required.

Academic/Professional staff based at either the Manawatu or Wellington Campus; and students whose Chief Supervisor is located at either the Palmerston North or Wellington campus will have their applications allocated to either MUHEC: Southern A or MUHEC: Southern B.

If your application requires review by a committee with medical expertise (and does not require review by a Health & Disability Ethics Committee) your application will be allocated to MUHEC: Southern A. Note: For further information, refer to the "Online application and notification procedures" page.


Please note that meetings are open to the public. Contact the Secretary of the appropriate Committee for a copy of the agenda and the time and location of the meetings.

MUHEC: Northern

MUHEC: Southern A

MUHEC: Southern B

Applications Due

Meeting Date

Applications Due

Meeting Date

Applications Due

Meeting Date

08 Feb

22 Feb

30 Jan

13 Feb

30 Jan

15 Feb

08 Mar

22 Mar

27 Feb

13 Mar

27 Feb

15 Mar

12 Apr

26 Apr

27 Mar

10 Apr

27 Mar

12 Apr

10 May

24 May

24 Apr

08 May

24 Apr

10 May

14 Jun

28 Jun

29 May

12 Jun

29 May

14 Jun

12 Jul

26 Jul

26 Jun

10 Jul

26 Jun

12 Jul

09 Aug

23 Aug

31 Jul

14 Aug

31 Jul

16 Aug

06 Sep

20 Sep

28 Aug

11 Sep

28 Aug

13 Sep

11 Oct

25 Oct

2 Oct**

16 Oct**

2 Oct**

18 Oct**

08 Nov

22 Nov

30 Oct

13 Nov

30 Oct

15 Nov

29 Nov*

13 Dec*

20 Nov*

04 Dec*

20 Nov*

06 Dec*

* early due to Xmas
** one week late

Expedited review of an application

If you believe there are circumstances that make it inappropriate for your application to be considered at the next regular Human Ethics Committee meeting, you may request the Chair’s permission for an expedited review.

Requests for an expedited review should be sent to the Secretary of the relevant Human Ethics Committee.

Expedited review will not be given where a project involves invasive procedures; or participants who are in a dependent relationship with the researcher, such as prisoners, or hospital patients, children fifteen (15) years old or younger or those who are not fully capable of giving informed consent for themselves.

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