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Padmesh Anjukandi

Doctor of Philosophy, (Biophysics)
Study Completed: 2010
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Computational approaches to the calculation of spectroscopic, structural and mechanical properties of polysaccharide chains

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Mr Anjukandi''sresearch focused on the theoretical methods (a) IR Spectroscopic characterisation of different degree of methyl esterified (DM) pectin''sand characterising their attachment on to different surfaces, (b) folding and collapsing behavior of polymer chains in varying solution or environmental conditions and the difference when the chain acquires a thickness and (c) mechanical properties of different DM pectin''s, when they are being stretched. The results of the study has put forward a new direct and reliable technique for characterising the attachment of pectin''son different surfaces, which could be extended for other biopolymers as well, Pulling studies on pectin suggests that DM is  the determining factor in defining the mechanical properties of pectin and looking at the collapsing of polymer chains in different solutions, the thickness of the polymer chain could play a very important role in scanning the relevant conformations of the polymer chains.

Professor Bill Williams
Dr Gerald Pereira

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