Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Mathematics)

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Learn the language of the universe

Become a leading contributor to this pivotal discipline with the Bachelor of Science with Honours (Mathematics).

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What is it like?

Massey University’s Bachelor of Science with Honours with a major in mathematics is a prestigious qualification for those that are interested in progressing to further, in-depth research. This postgraduate qualification will also give you a career advantage.

Join some of New Zealand’s leading mathematicians to develop your mathematics expertise to a higher level.

Gain a deeper understanding

The Bachelor of Science with Honours (Mathematics) will extend your studies of mathematics from your undergraduate degree. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the mathematics you encountered there, as well as learn about new and exciting areas of mathematics. You'll work closely with your lecturers and fellow students in small classes, and undertake a 30 credit year-long project. The project will be your chance to delve even deeper into a topic of your choosing, and perhaps even make your own original contribution to this body of knowledge. It'll be a challenge - but it'll be worth it.

Globally-renowned expertise

Let our experts help you develop your own expertise.

Massey’s mathematics lecturers have an extensive range of experience and expertise across the field of mathematics. Our groups have a particular strength in the theory and application of differential equations, with many staff at both the Auckland and Manawatu campuses working in the areas of dynamical systems, numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations, and modelling of physical systems. Our mathematical modellers are actively contributing to the study of epidemiology, celestial mechanics, hydrothermal eruptions, and biological and industrial processes. Other areas of strength include modern analysis, geometry and number theory at Auckland and topology and combinatorics at Manawatu.

Internationally recognised

Massey University’s programme is ranked in the top 300 university mathematics programmes in the world by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) rankings.

Mathematics. It's what makes everything work.

From securing sensitive communications using cryptography, to calculating the orbit of a satellite, mathematics is the most fundamental of the tools we use to comprehend and shape the world around us. Some have even called it the "language of the universe". Be that as it may, at heart it's still a product of human creativity and ingenuity - the creation of people like you and me. And there's still plenty left to be discovered and invented.

Friendly environment - passionate scientists

There is a well-established community of scientists and postgraduate science students at Massey, including FUSSTA - the Fundamental Scientists and Students Association on the Manawatu campus.

Why postgraduate study?

Postgraduate study is hard work but hugely rewarding and empowering. The Bachelor of Science (Honours) will push you to produce your best creative, strategic and theoretical ideas. The workload replicates the high-pressure environment of senior workplace roles. Our experts are there to guide but if you have come from undergraduate study, you will find that postgraduate study demands more in-depth and independent study.

Not just more of the same

Postgraduate study is not just ‘more of the same’ undergraduate study. It takes you to a new level in knowledge and expertise especially in planning and undertaking research.

A good fit if you:

  • Have an appreciation for the beauty of mathematics
  • Excelled in your undergraduate mathematics degree
  • Enjoy thinking logically and analytically, and exercising your creativity
  • Enjoy problem solving, and the satisfaction of that "Aha!" moment when you see the solution
  • Are interested in going on to more in-depth research, such as a PhD


Setting you apart

An honours degree is a sign of your excellence and in-depth understanding of the field of mathematics. Should you pursue a career after qualifying, the Bachelor of Science with Honours with a major in mathematics will give you a head start on other potential employees with undergraduate degrees.

A step into further study

The honours programme also gives you the research and analytical skills you need to progress into further high-level research/study, such as at a PhD level.

Earn more

A Ministry of Education report found that:

  • Earnings and employment rates increase with the level of qualification completed.
  • Five years after leaving study, most young domestic graduates will be earning above the national median earnings.
  • Good careers are associated with better health, better wellbeing and more satisfying lives

World-leading lecturers and supervisors

Massey’s mathematics staff are renowned for their research and teaching and learning methods. You will be working with internationally-recognised specialists, for example:

Dr Alona Ben-Tal

Dr Ben-Tal’s research is interdisciplinary in the fields of applied mathematics, dynamical systems, numerical analysis and physiology. She has developed simplified models of lung mechanics, gas exchange and neural control of breathing as well as models of heart rate control. These models enabled her to study the cardio-respiratory system of mammals and gain new physiological insights into the operation of the system.

Dr Ben-Tal has also been involved in industrial applications where she contributed to a study of optimal nutritional intake of pregnant sheep and modelling high-speed weighing systems. In 2006 - 2007 she received a Fast Start Marsden Grant to study Cheyne-Stokes respiration (a breathing pattern characterised by cycles of increasing then decreasing amplitude of breathing, followed by periods of no breathing). From 2009 to 2012 she was part of a team of scientists on a three-year Marsden funded project examining complexity reduction in neural models and from 2010 to 2015 she was part of an international team of scientists developing a multi-scale model of neural control of breathing, funded by the National Institute of Health, USA.

She is widely published including in The Journal of Physiology, Journal of Theoretical Biology and Mathematical Biosciences.

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