Turakina Morepork

This morepork was found by a member of the public who then took the injured morepork to a wildlife rehabilitator in Turakina. There he had a physical exam which found a fracture to the right humerus which was bandaged. He was stabilised overnight before catching the courier over to Wildbase hospital.

That's already quite an adventure for a wild animal, so when he arrived we gave him a quick physical exam, some fluids and two types of pain relief, then put him in an incubator to rest for the night.

It is standard practice at Wildbase to X-ray the wild birds that come to the hospital. As they are wild they don't come with a history and it's not always obvious if they have broken bones or other ailments.

The morepork had X-rays and blood taken under anaesthetic the following day which showed a fracture to the humerus. The blood work showed an infection, which was not surprising as the bones broke the skin opening it to infection.

He was recovered in an incubator and given pain relief, fluids and bandaging. Antibiotics were also started to help fight infection.

Surgery was performed to repair the broken humerus. It was successful and he recovered from the anaesthesia without problems. The following day another X-ray was taken to confirm the surgical repair had gone well.

He remained in hospital for the following four weeks where we could monitor the surgical site and keep it clean. After this time another X-ray was taken to determine whether we could remove the pins. The humerus had healed very well, so all was removed and he was sent for flight and fitness rehabilitation the following day.

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