Food biosciences research



Food microbiology

Our expertise is in biofilm development and control with a focus on the dairy industry.  Fundamental studies include an understanding the role of ions in biofilm development, the genomic comparison of thermophilic bacteria and their relationship to biofilm structure and spore formation and the formation and control of highly heat-resistant spores.


Food growth spores

Food safety

Research expertise in food safety focuses on the ecology of food pathogens, rapid methods for reliably assessing food safety and quality and the development of improved preservation processes and packaging systems.

This includes fundamental and practical applications for biofilm development, control of foodborne pathogens, food fermentation for product development and food preservation using novel technologies.


Variety of herbs in glass jars

Food chemistry

Our expertise is in the chemistry and nutrition of food carbohydrates and proteins, food and feed evaluation and functional foods.  This includes polysaccharides and biodegradation, product development utilising herbs and spices and the evaluation of functionality and health benefits of under-explored plant species. We also produce and assess the benefits of cereals and legumes produced through extrusion technology.


Woman eating camembert off a fork

Sensory science

Sensory science specialises in cross-cultural sensory studies, development of cutting-edge sensory methods to maximize product satisfaction and understand better consumer expectation and experience. We also have expertise in analytical techniques to support the food industry. 


Women looking into deli section at supermarket

Product development

Our research interests are in developing value-added food and ingredients with functional properties from by-products of the meat industry.  This includes advanced processing of meat, improving flavour, polypeptide profile and amino acid balance, improving the product development process and predicting consumers’ intentions to purchase new food products from their attitudes and beliefs.


Casein powder on plate with scoop

Dairy technology

Massey scientists are examining the structure of dairy products with specific interests in cheese and casein.  A research focus is fundamental studies on the internal structure of casein micelles in collaboration with industry and academic partners.



Massey University has a number of postgraduate qualifications where you can focus on the area of food, including our doctorate programme. Contact someone in the areas of research expertise you are interested in above, or have a look at more detail on our qualifications below.


If you are an individual or business and are looking for advice or consultancy research in any area of food science, food technology or the business of food, please contact Riddet Innovation.  

If your enquiry is particularly related to fresh products after harvest, refrigeration, or nutritional analyses, please use the alternate links below.


Professor Steve Flint Biosciences team leader
Professor Steve Flint

Food biosciences staff

  • Prof Steve Flint

    Prof Steve Flint

    Professor of Food Safety and Microbiology & Team Leader Food Bioscience - Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology


  • Steve Glasgow

    Steve Glasgow

    Technician - Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology


  • Prof Joanne Hort

    Prof Joanne Hort

    Professor - Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology


  • Dr Lovedeep Kaur

    Dr Lovedeep Kaur

    Senior Research Officer - Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology


  • Prof Marlena Kruger

    Prof Marlena Kruger

    Professor in Nutritional Physiology - Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology

    Associate Dean Higher Degree Research - College of Health


  • Dr Tony Mutukumira

    Dr Tony Mutukumira

    Senior Lecturer - Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology


  • Dr Jon Palmer

    Dr Jon Palmer

    Senior Lecturer - Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology


  • Dr Rana Ravindran

    Dr Rana Ravindran

    Senior Lecturer - Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology


  • Dr Haoran Wang

    Dr Haoran Wang

    Microbiology Technician - Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology


  • Dr Fran Wolber

    Dr Fran Wolber

    Senior Lecturer - Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology


Food biosciences doctoral students

  • Diana Leticia Cabrera Amaro - Doctor of Philosophy
    Biomaker development to assess bone health

  • Idah Chatindiara - Doctor of Philosophy
    Evaluating Nutrition Risk and Intervening to enCourage Healthy-Eating (The Enrich Study)

  • Michael Dixon - Doctor of Philosophy
    Modelling Biofilm Formation in a Dairy Wastewater Irrigation System

  • Emmanuel Owusu Kyere - Doctor of Philosophy
    Colonization of lettuce by Listeria monocytogenes and its biofilm formation

  • Siti Md Zain
    2018, Doctor of Philosophy
    Biofilm formation by B. licheniformis isolated from whey protein concentrate 80 powder as a potential source of product contamination
    Read Abstract: abstract icon 

  • Jessika Nowak
    2017, Doctor of Philosophy
    Identification and understanding the roles of biofilm formation-related genes in Listeria monocytogenes isolated from seafood

  • Saima Rizwan - Doctor of Philosophy
    Anti-inflammatory effects of purified lipids on immune cells in vitro.

  • Haoran Wang
    2017, Doctor of Philosophy
    Factors contributing to biofilm formation of Yersinia enterocolitica

  • Shuyan Wu - Doctor of Philosophy
    Persistence and survival of Listeria monocytogenes following treatment with natural antimicrobial agents, Nisin or MGO.

  • Yufeng Zhang - Doctor of Philosophy
    Cell-to-cell communications during meat spoilage and methods for preservation

  • Dong Zhang - Doctor of Philosophy
    Understanding the microbiological factors that affect the quality of liquid dairy products

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