Business research degrees

Whatever your area of interest, whether you have no experience in research, or are looking to start a high-level degree such as a doctorate, Massey University has options to suit you. Depending on the degree, projects can vary from professional-practice focused research to the cutting-edge of business theory. Our staff are experienced in guiding you through research principles and project suggestions to suit your interests or needs.


If you have excelled in your undergraduate degree, and are interested in perhaps progressing to a postgraduate research-based degree such as a master's, an honours degree could be suitable for you.

Bachelor of Communication with Honours

The communication major is unique in New Zealand, a combination of business and arts disciplines to give you a great grounding for the world of public relations, journalism studies, marketing communication and communication management. 

Bachelor of Applied Economics with Honours

This degree focuses on economic analysis and policy-making within the New Zealand economy and internationally.


Master of Analytics (Business)

The Master of Analytics with a major in business equips you with both the technical ability and the competence in critical thinking needed to transform massive amounts of data into information that is useful for crucial business decisions. As part of the degree you will complete a 15-credit applied analytics project.

Master of Business Studies

Combine study of advanced theory with research in a specialised field of business to give you a career advantage. You may choose from eight different majors. You need to have an undergraduate degree in business to enrol in this programme. Includes a thesis or research report of at least 60 credits.

Master of Communication

This is a unique qualification in New Zealand. You do not have to have a background in communication to complete this degree. You may have found yourself in a work role with a communication aspect and you want better insights into the principles and practice of communication. The research project in this masters enables you to focus on an area directly relevant to your own industry.

Master of Finance

This degree combines the study of advanced theory with research in a specialised finance area to give you a career advantage. You will be able to utilise our relationships with industry and draw on your own experience to give your learning context and relevance to the real world. You will be taught by some of New Zealand's leading practitioners and learn the application of techniques in real world environments, like our Trading Room - the only one of its kind in a New Zealand university. 


The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest degree available in the Massey Business School. It is a prestigious research qualification which is essential for a career in any research institution or university. 

Daria Williamson
Master of Management (HRM)

"The support I received from my supervisors for the research portion of my degree was outstanding. Not only did they ask insightful questions to help me develop my topic and my approach, they provided guidance and moral support for overcoming the challenges that I faced along the way."

Victoria Faris
Bachelor of Communication (Hons)

“In addition to a salary increase for obtaining a post-graduate qualification, I have been able to put the skills I learnt in my BC (Hons) to use in both paid work and continued study…”

Ryan Gan
Master of Analytics (Business)

“I was attracted to Massey University due to the high quality of its business school and the highly knowledgeable and sincerely friendly staff…”

Martin Mahler Master of Management graduate Martin Mahler
Master of Management (Marketing)

"In the second year of the master’s programme I was able to conduct a project that involved a large amount of independent research with support available when needed. The research project gave me some very useful project management skills."

Dr Savern Reweti
Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Ngāti Raukawa
Doctor of Philosophy (Aviation)

My research aimed to establish if low-cost flight simulators were as effective in terms of training transfer as commercial simulators for initial pilot training. For my PhD research I designed low-cost desktop trainers that can be customised for New Zealand pilots for as little as $15,000.

Juan Yang
MBS (Finance)

“I learnt how to focus on problems, make a concerted effort to overcome them, and never give up. At the beginning of my thesis, it was very tough because my data results didn’t match my expectations. However, my supervisor and I worked very hard together, trying every possible way to solve those problems until we found success.…”

Sam Weir Master of Management graduate Sam Weir
Master of Management (Financial Economics)

"My experience studying at Massey was great and what I learnt was applicable to my work.

I've always had an interest in economics and when I began studying business at Massey in 2011, I quickly found that I had a strong interest in finance also. The economics component of my masters gave me a strong theoretical framework and the finance component gave me tangible skills and knowledge for the workplace."

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