Māori and Indigenous Business

291.701 Theories of Learning15 credits
Explores advanced theoretical approaches to learning, development and knowledge creation. Applies learning theories, human resource development theories, theories of Indigenous development, and approaches to organisational learning to a Māori business and development context.
291.702 The Māori Economy15 credits
Examines the size, nature and potential of the New Zealand and Māori economy. Explore the influence of external factors on Māori and Indigenous business and their impact on economic, social and cultural wellbeing. Applies economic theory and models of business growth to Indigenous and Māori business.
291.703 Critical Analysis and Writing15 credits
Develops abilities in intellectual analysis and critique in the context of complex theoretical and business issues. Explores genres and form to develop advanced techniques in writing and critical thinking appropriate for academic contexts.
291.704 Decision Making in Business15 credits
Takes a cross cultural approach to advanced theory and practice in business based problem solving and decision-making. Provides an in-depth analysis at individual, group, organisational and national levels of granularity. Includes the development of strategies in risk analysis and the assessment of complex business issues which have economic, cultural and ethical dimensions.
291.711 Māori in Business 115 credits
Examines a range of economic perspectives and theories, with a specific focus on their relevance to the philosophical and cultural values and practices that inform Māori and Indigenous business.
291.712 Business Communication15 credits
Explores theoretical approaches to business communication and the alternative techniques and technologies that can be deployed.
291.713 Process and Project Management15 credits
Examines the essentials of managing both existing processes and new projects. Emphasis is placed on selecting and developing appropriate metrics and on evaluating the core trade-offs between time, quality, and cost.
291.714 People Management15 credits
A multi-faceted review of staffing, employee development, performance management, reward, diversity management and employee well-being that leads to a critical consideration of how these dimensions of people management can be interpreted and implemented in the context of Māori and Indigenous worldviews.
291.721 Māori in Business 215 credits
Analyses Māori and Indigenous business, with a specific focus on the contemporary contexts of Māori and Indigenous business and considers governance and policy contexts.
291.722 Marketing15 credits
Provides advanced marketing theory, current debate and practice. Relates and critiques current thinking and its application to Māori and Indigenous businesses.
291.723 Innovation and Entrepreneurs15 credits
Develops understanding and practice in innovation and entrepreneurship. The course has a focus on the application of theories leading to innovation and entrepreneurial activity in Māori and Indigenous business contexts.
291.724 Finance and Accounting15 credits
Practice and theory of analyses of data that inform the financial decisions mid-level and senior business people make. Gain skills in critically interpreting financial data, making reasoned decisions and recommending consequential actions.
291.831 Māori in Business 315 credits
This capstone course involves a sophisticated exposition of theory and a critical analysis of a business problem which informs an independent piece of research. An emphasis is placed on developing theoretically and data driven recommendations in response to an identified strategic issue.
291.832 Career Management15 credits
Independent application of specialised knowledge of Indigenous career management theories to students' own careers, to multicultural organisations and to Māori and Indigenous business communities as a whole.
291.833 International Business15 credits
Considers issues and strategies for Māori and Indigenous businesses operating on a global platform. Students will analyse competing priorities and cultural perspectives that international business involves and apply this knowledge to complex business situations.
291.834 Advanced Social Enterprise15 credits
Provides an advanced course requiring strategic and entrepreneurial thinking combined with the Tikanga (values, skills and attitudes) developed through the programme. Work as independent teams to investigate an issue related to Māori or Indigenous people and determine an innovative and sustainable solution.

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