290.100 Retail Practice Internship15 credits
The internship will provide an overview of product and service delivery to customers in the retail environment. The internship will focus on a chosen retail industry and contrast the differences between competing retailers of varying sizes and retail models.
290.102 Fundamentals of Retailing15 credits
An introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles of retailing from local and international viewpoints.
290.201 Retail Knowledge Internship15 credits
The internship provides the participant with a practical understanding of the components of a retail operation from buying (supply end) to delivery (customer end). The internship will focus on a chosen industry in retail and examine the differences in the components of a retail operation between retailers of different sizes and retail models, both domestically and internationally. The internship will examine the relationships between sourcing, supplying and servicing customers through retail environments.
290.202 Retail Operations15 credits
This course explores the functions that occur within a retail store (physical and virtual), and how they are integrated to deliver the retailer's business proposition to satisfy customer needs and wants.
290.203 Retail Buying and Planning15 credits
A study of the theory and practice of effective product buying from suppliers, and the planning of product range construction and execution of merchandising the range to the customer in the retail environment. The course critically evaluates models of retail buying, category management and product range planning and explores their impact in both traditional retail and e-commerce contexts.
290.204 Store Design and Visual Merchandising15 credits
This course examines the 'path to purchase' that customers undertake when navigating physical or virtual store environments. It explores the theory and practices used to design retail premises to maximise sales and return on investment, and considers how merchandise is ranged and displayed 'in-store' to deliver on retail metrics.
290.301 Retail Experience Internship30 credits
This capstone internship involves extensive work within a retail business to analyse and critique current practices against retail and business theories and international best practice.
290.302 Retail Strategy and Business Planning15 credits
A study of the strategic planning frameworks and models used by retail businesses to construct strategies to ensure business viability. This course evaluates historical practices of strategy formation as well as how changes in the modern marketplace are affecting retail strategy.

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