286.101 Equine Production15 credits
A study of equine production in New Zealand, and in other countries with major equine populations. Using the different equine production systems as examples, the processes from birth to intended use are compared. The effects of various industries' controls and regulations on owners, trainers and administrators are considered.


286.131 Introduction to Equine Nutrition and Health15 credits
An introductory course on principles and knowledge relevant to equine nutrition, behaviour and to selected disease management.
286.211 Equine Reproduction and Breeding15 credits
Aspects of stud management, reproductive anatomy and physiology, and factors that affect breeding management, fertility and conception, the onset of puberty, breeding season, fertility and conception, and parturition. Common health problems and applied nutrition of the foal, mare and stallion.
286.221 Structure and Function of the Equine Athlete15 credits
Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems of the horse; methods of assessment of these systems; alterations in normal function and the means to treat or manage these alterations.
286.222 The Equine Lower Limb15 credits
Introduction and exploration of the basic and unique aspects of the tissues of the foot and lower limb of the horse. The emphasis is placed on the structure and functions of the moving parts of the lower limb, how alterations in the functioning of the limb can lead to changes in the horse's gait, and how corrective measures can be rationally proposed.
286.251 Equine Behaviour, Training and Welfare15 credits
The course will describe the ethology of the horse. Particular emphasis will be placed on understanding the theory of learning and how it underpins basic training and training for the different disciplines. It will describe the welfare of horses associated with different equine management systems both in New Zealand and overseas. The legislation which protects horses will be described.
286.321 Responses to Training in the Equine Athlete15 credits
As the equine athlete is trained changes occur in the cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems. The basic and applied aspects, and the detection of changes, will be discussed, in the context of training regimens for different equine activities.
286.701 Advanced Equine Production15 credits
An advanced course in the principles and practises of equine production. Emphasis will be placed on examining current industry practises relating to growth and development, health and injury, and industry organisation.
286.711 Equine Science15 credits
Advanced studies of aspects of equine nutrition and reproduction. Students will be familiar with the principles of animal nutrition, metabolism and reproduction in other mammalian species, but will need to relate these to the horse by obtaining their own evidence from the literature and applying it to in-depth studies of selected aspects of nutrition and reproduction.

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