Environmental Science

121.103 New Zealand Environments15 credits
An introductory environmental course describing the plants, animals, geology, and landscapes of New Zealand. Emphasis is placed on assembly of the biota, interrelations between the physical and biotic environments, and the influence and place of people.
121.210 Environmental Issues15 credits
A consideration of major environmental issues that affect, or may affect natural and built ecosystems into the future. Topics include climate change mitigation and adaptation, the 'Ozone Hole', land degradation and soil contamination, increasing water scarcity and pollution, loss of biodiversity and fisheries, sustainability of production and consumption systems, and the sustainability and liveability of major urban centres.
121.211 New Zealand Environmental Issues15 credits
A consideration of environmental issues that affect New Zealand, particularly at the present time. It will include deforestation, soil erosion, pollution of air, land and water with industrial and agricultural pollutants, and conservation.
121.212 Field Techniques for Environmental Science15 credits
An introductory on-line learning experience which prepares students for a one-week block course of field excursions and practical exercises to examine and record issues of national and global significance to the environment
121.310 Environmental Solutions15 credits
A consideration of technology and innovation that can be used to measure, manage and mitigate environmental risks to soil and water. Theory and practical exercises based on New Zealand case studies equip students with numerical skills necessary to monitor and evaluate environmental quality. A student-led project allows in-depth study of a New Zealand environmental issue of particular relevance to community.
121.311 Global Environmental Issues15 credits
A consideration of environmental issues that affect, or may affect in the future, the global ecosystem. It will include the 'Enhanced Greenhouse Effect', the 'Ozone Hole', destruction of the rainforest, desertification, population control, ocean pollution, sustainability of agriculture and fisheries.
121.312 Environmental Science Field Work II15 credits
Two one-week field trips within New Zealand to examine issues of national and global significance to the environment.
121.313 Applied River Management15 credits
The course covers the principles and methodology of river resource management. It integrates ecology, hydrology, geomorphology and water quality to understand how river ecosystems function and how they may be managed to maximise societal and environmental benefit.

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